Gifty Volimkarime

I am a socially driven sustainability leader in the field of social and humanitarian development. I hold an MBA (General Management), Certificates from Said Business School, University of Oxford, (UK), Illinois State University and Harvard Graduate School of Education (USA). I bring over two decades of experience as a practitioner in international and humanitarian projects and programmes in areas of Youth development, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise development, Sustainable Livelihoods, Circular Economy, Gender, Monitoring & Evaluation, Impact Measurements, and human right based approaches.

I am the Project Director for Inclusive Business Sweden- Green Economy Ghana Project and a consulting Country Representative for Crossroads International and SHECOOPs. Prior to this I was the Country Manager for the EQWIP Hubs Project, led by (CWY and YCI) to build sustainable youth businesses in Ghana and in six other countries in West and East Africa.

I am the founder of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Evaluation Development (CEED), a non-profit organization that is committed to advancing and supporting the spirit of youth and women entrepreneurship since 2019. CEED is a place where
entrepreneurs can access knowledge and expertise to begin their entrepreneurial journeys, filter their thoughts into business ideas and grow their business.

I am also a foundering member of Impact Investing Ghana and represents. I have worked in communities and with organisation in Africa (Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda Zimbabwe, and Cameroon) and America in a variety of settings. Crossroad International, Inclusive Business Sweden, World Federation of Women Cooperative Organisations, Assadaqaat Community Finance, African Evaluation Association, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ghana Health Service (GHS), World Bank, USAID, EU, and Global Affairs Canada Projects, are some of the
organisations and projects I have worked and associated with.

I am a global mentor, an Angel Investor and volunteer for the Oxford Entrepreneurship Centre. I have a deep commitment to social justice, impact and equality for people and the plant

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