Fred Sabiti

Sabiti Fred is currently the National Technical Advisor at the Rwanda’s Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN) responsible for environment and climate change mainstreaming.  Fred has supported MINECOFIN in developing the current National Strategy for Transformation (NST), country’s vision (vision 2050) as well as the District Development Strategies. Fred holds bachelor’s degree in Development Economics from the National University of Rwanda and two masters: One from Makerere University-Uganda in Finance and Accounting and the other in Environmental Economics and natural resources management from Adventist university in Kigali. Fred hasover 12 years of experience working with Government of Rwanda especially with sectors and districts on how environment and inclusive development linkages are integrated in the policies, programs, plans and budgets at central and decentralized levels of administration.

Before Joining the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Fred was a national coordinator of poverty and environment initiative-a UNDP-UNEP Joint program based in Rwanda environment Management authority (REMA) since 2008. Fred supported key studies including Public environmental expenditure Review, Environmental fiscal reform, Green growth and climate resilience strategy as well as developing National Determined Contribution’s Implementation Framework among others.

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