Aaron Nyarkotey

Aaron Nyarkotey is a Greentech professional. He is passionate about the development and dissemination of low carbon technologies, with special interest in clean cooking innovation. Having worked as Energy Advisor for SNV Netherlands Development Organisation for 7 years, Aaron has engaged with about 100 enterprises within the Greentech sector; providing various business development support services. His experience in enterprise development includes market assessment, growth and access; technology and product development, grant administration and management, and investment-readiness advisory services. Aaron enjoys identifying synergies and establishing linkages among key actors within the Greentech ecosystem. He has obtained global experience through learning trips to East Africa, Europe and America. His aspiration is to become a clean cooking expert. He is currently a Project Manager and Business Development Lead for Burn Design Lab, a US-based cookstove R&D organisation. His other interests are writing, podcasting and incubating talents.

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